Meet Our Teachers

The children at Trinity's Weekday Ministries love their teachers! If you would like further information about our program, or would like to meet our teachers, please contact us.

Connie Hebert, Director

  Julie Canizaro, Associate Director                          

  Chris Clay, Administrative Assistant

 Carey Messina, Art Teacher

 Enza Figlia, Spanish Teacher

Sheril Affong Greaves, Motor Teacher

Winona Lindsey, Music Teacher

 Frances Matherly, Toddler 1-year-olds

Deborah Cessac, Toddler 1-year-olds

Kim Bernard, 2-year-olds

Aggie Busby, Toddler 2-year-olds

Alyssa Ellis, 2-year-olds

  Christal Fuselier, 2-year-olds

Aline Moreira, 2-year-olds

Chrissie Mouton, 2-year-olds

Erin Shannon, 2 year ols

 Sondra Soper, 2-year-olds

 Gwynn Nash, 2-year-olds

 Ina Pace, 2-year-olds

Lana Cassaday, 3-year-olds

Jessica Johnson, Toddler 3-year-olds

Faye Eason, 3-year-olds

Valerie Leger, 3-year-olds

Katie Messina, 3-year-olds

  Parsla Ringa, 3-year-olds

Lindsay White, 3-year-olds

Elva Hinson, 4-year-olds

 Denise Johnson, 4-year-olds

  Eileen Malain, 4-year olds

Katrina Shelton, 4-year olds

Carrie Stone, 4-year-olds

Debbie Vodopivec, 4-year-olds