Tuition & Registration

Program                  Age                            Days/Monthly Tuition

Toddler 1         12-17 months            MWF-$290, T/TH-$230, M-F-$370

Toddler 2         18-23 months            MWF-$285, T/TH-$225, M-F-$370

2 Year Olds     24-35 months             MWF-$285, T/TH-$225, M-F-$370  

3 Year Olds     3 years by 9/1            MWF-$285, T/TH-$225, M-F-$370

4 Year Olds     4 years by 9/1            MWF-$285, T/TH-$225, M-F-$370

Bridged K        5 years by 9/1            M-F-$380      

*All classes are from 9am-1pm. There is a $175 non-refundable registration fee for each child. This fee covers snacks and supplies.

For more information about Trinity's Day and Play School or to schedule a tour, please E-MAIL or call 409.892.0255.

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