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Our Treasure

We treasure lots of things. Time, money, careers, hobbies, food, toys, gadgets, and more. We also treasure our reputations, our good name; we treasure relationships. In Matthew 6:17 Jesus is teaching us to treasure the things that will last. Invest in those treasures that will keep on giving beyond our time on this earth, give in ways that have eternal value.

Making a commitment to Trinity United Methodist Church is something we take joy in. Our financial commitments sustain the church’s daily ministry. It is an investment in the present and future ministry of the church we love.

I have enjoyed meeting so many members who are still here who were raised in this church. Many of our lay leaders today are ones who walked the halls of children’s Sunday school and grew up in our youth ministry. When they began their adult lives they could not conceive of it without being a part of Trinity. So many have invested so much treasure in this church and we all want to see it thrive into the future.

Reflect with me on Jesus’ invitation to align our treasure and our heart and let our stewardship commitment follow.

Rev. Tommy Williams

Posted by Jennifer Robertson at Friday, November 8, 2019


Dear Trinity friends,

I invite you to prayerfully consider your 2020 pledge to Trinity United Methodist Church’s mission through the various ministries of the church. For this year’s stewardship season our focus is - Treasuring our Faith Together. Truly, our faith is something we value and cherish as a faith community and it takes all of us fulfilling our promise to support the ministries of Trinity UMC with our gifts in order for the church’s mission to thrive.

I am so personally grateful for your faithfulness this year as we look to this new season of ministry together. Your gifts make possible continued efforts to know God through worship, Bible study, small groups, Sunday school, children, youth ministry, and much more. Every time we engage in the life of our church we are transformed. As a people transformed by God’s grace, we cannot help but love God and one another.

For this Fall season of stewardship, we have an in-depth stewardship study available to you in multiple forms:

· Sunday School classes have the opportunity to study a wonderful resource entitled Treasure by Jacob Armstrong, based on Matthew 6 and the Sermon on the Mount.

· Extra books will be available in our library for those who want to check one out.

· Our Stewardship Co-Chairs, Sandra Clark and Jamie Dishman, will be writing with me and others on a blog available at

· We will be hearing testimonies in worship to the love of God that we experience through Trinity United Methodist Church.

In this packet of information you will find information about our anticipated budget for 2020, ministry highlights from 2019, and leaders telling the story of how God has transformed their lives through Trinity UMC.

Join me and my family in making a pledge to the ministries of Trinity United Methodist Church for the New Year.

May God bless you in advance for the commitments we make together.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Tommy Williams, Senior Pastor

at Thursday, November 7, 2019