Monthly Prayer Calendar

Trinity United Methodist Church offers this brochure to our congregation and a circle of interested others as a compact source of daily meditations. The prayer calendar ministry was started many years ago—around the turn of the century—by Trinitarian Janice Vaughn, of blessed memory.  She was a devout and delightful woman, a charming daughter of God. Her friend Phoebe has carried the work forward.

We encourage you to read each day’s meditation aloud, and savor it. We hope the articulations both ancient and modern will bless you, awaken you, stir your imagination, open you to Sacred Mystery, help you commit to the kind of wholeness that Jesus taught and modeled, and equip you for the daily living of our church’s mission statement:

‘Know God. Be transformed. Love.’

Click HERE for the May 2019 Prayer Calendar

Click HERE for the June 2019 Prayer Calendar