Trinity's Organ


The organ of Trinity United Methodist Church was constructed by the Wicks Pipe Organ Company of Highland, Illinois and installed in 1964. The tonal design was done by John Sterling. It is their Opus 4382. The organ as it now stands contains five divisions and more than 4,000 pipes. The four manuals represent the Antiphonal, Swell, Great, and Choir divisions. The Pedal represents the fifth division. The organ specifications consist of 66 ranks and pipes.

 In 2010, restoration to the organ began by Madison Lindsey of Pipe Organ Specialties, Inc. in Laurel, Mississippi. All wind reservoirs were re-leathered and recovered, all reed pipes were cleaned and repaired, electronic repairs were made to the combination action, 12 valve units were replaced in the windchests, and a new Klann Zimbelstern was furnished and installed. The restoration process was completed in 2011.

Throughout the years, the posaune pipes, made from different metals and alloys, began to warp from heat and physical support. Fortunately, our organ tuner and curator was able to find replacement pipes, and in 2013, part of the rank of the posaune pipes was replaced.

We invite you hear Trinity's organ on Sunday mornings during worship!

Click here for further specifications of Trinity's organ.