Dr. Tommy Williams, Senior Pastor - ext.106 

Nick Moseley, Associate Pastor - Youth and Sports Ministries

Dr. Blas Canedo Gonzalez, Director of Music Ministries

Misty Greene, Business Manager - ext. 118

Linda Woodring, Assistant to the Pastor - ext. 106

LaGail Bridges, Custodian - ext. 116

Julie Canizaro, Assoc. Director, Weekday Ministries - ext. 131

  Chris Clay, Administrative Assistant - Day & Play School - ext.132

Chase Haney, Building Maintenance - ext. 116

Connie Hebert, Director of Weekday Ministries - ext. 133

Ommil Holmes, Custodian - ext. 116

John Lee, Director of TV Ministries - ext.158

Dr. Katya McMahan, Organist - ext. 113

 Erica Ray, Children's Ministry Coordinator

  J.T. Robertson, Director of Communications - ext.121

Karla Somers, Custodian - ext.116